About us

Ariadne is a Web Engineering Company specialized in Portal systems and integration of contents, processes and applications.

The company was founded in 1994 by a group of collaborators from Pavia University, and since 1996 has focused on expertise in web application development using the Java EE platform and System Integration.

In around 15 years of working with leading public and private sector companies, we have designed and developed over a hundred complex web portals, building a culture of excellence around the architectures, technologies and infrastructure commonly used by enterprises.

Since 2007, Ariadne prefers Liferay as its reference platform, with more than 20 projects implemented by a competence centre consisting of 14 dedicated professionals. Ariadne became a certified Liferay Service Partner in 2011.

The company´s product and service range is completed by consulting services and customized solutions for Content Management, E-Learning, E-Commerce and Enterprise Collaboration, through the use of proprietary and supported open source tools such as Alfresco, Moodle, Magento and Zimbra.

Today, Ariadne has some 40 full-time staff and has locations in Pavia and Milan.