Corporate & Consumer Portal

Using technology to support your relationship with customers and partners

Portal solutions enable organizations – whether large or small - to manage and share content and services, and provide secure, personalized access to the right recipients (customers, suppliers, partners and employees).

This way, the information assets of an organization become a powerful relationship tool for dealing with the various stakeholders, providing users with an interactive experience that supplies content and delivers functionality that is relevant to the respective context and their specific needs.

Secure and personalized access

It is possible to securely integrate tools and utilities present on corporate systems, such as LDAP directories, allowing access to different content - based on permissions, roles, profiles and interests: your users will appreciate navigating their way through perfectly relevant information.

Integration of services and applications

The portal can comfortably grow along with the increasing demands of the business: it can make new services accessible and available that are developed for a given purpose, while existing (legacy) content and new content sources can be readily integrated.

Communication and content distribution

For communications and promotion, your company will find great value in the possibilities of presenting services, data and multimedia content––independent of the corporate system where they are hosted––to its users, on whatever device they use, all with a consistent layout and integrated experience.

Web 2.0 tools

Users are becoming ever more accustomed to interacting––both among themselves and with proprietary content and brands. A modern portal instrument allows you to easily activate tools designed to make the experience of your company´s web presence feel like typical social network interactions: with user profiles, activity streams, interest groups and rating/sharing systems.

Our solution

We are here to help develop your portal. With more than fifteen years of experience in the most varied areas of the market, our consultancy is aimed at analysing the specific needs of your organization in order to model a solution that is optimal across its various technical components:

  • design and implementation of front-end components, with particular attention paid to a responsive approach that ensures excellent user experience on the most common devices;
  • development of applications and custom components (or their integration, if your organization already uses them);
  • overall architecture, in terms of reliability, scalability, and project management across the entire life cycle.

Our web portal solutions are based on the Liferay Portal platform (we have been Certified Liferay Partners since 2011), adding custom ad-hoc developments and integrating third-party software components as appropriate.