HR Academy Portal & E-learning

An integrated model for on-going training and business collaboration

An innovative approach to in-house training that uses web technologies and tools, integrated with traditional information systems, to build environments that encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration in the interests of continuing training.

The enterprise training portal provides users with a personal environment for work, learning and collaboration, where they can interact via internal communication, find training materials and documents pertinent to their business function, and use social tools in order to share knowledge and expertise.

Integration with enterprise systems

Within the enterprise ecosystem, a Learning Management System (LMS) is dedicated to management of training activities, allowing for fast, efficient distribution of materials and the development of effective, traceable group activities. Integration with document management systems and human resources reinforces the relationships between technology, training and communication, in order to give learning activities a dynamic and flexible dimension.

Web 2.0 training and collaboration

The convergence of the structured e-learning models and virtual workspaces, blogs, wikis, communities, logic and social methodologies of Web 2.0 allows for an innovative approach to business training –– the integration of formal and informal learning episodes into a single, harmonious experience: a new virtual learning space that consists of a set of interchangeable, two-way services and applications in order to deepen professional and business relations and to achieve common learning goals

Personalized training

The in-house training strategy is guided by careful analysis and interpretation of individual and organizational needs and the characteristics of the organization, thus becoming an important competitive asset for success on the market.

The individual and the organization are the foundations of the training project: two pillars that move together towards common goals. Customizing training, where the user, his needs and his interests, are at the heart of the educational process, is the concrete expression of this innovative vision.

Mobile learning and the multi-channel approach

Training with the aid of mobile devices is an important part of an innovative model characterized by the ubiquity and ease of use of the device, which allows you to experiment with new methods for delivering accessible, flexible and interactive content.

Our solution

Our consultancy aims to combine the excellence of technology with knowledge of real-world problems in corporate and university training, and addresses all aspects of technical management of the solution through the various stages of its life cycle:

  • configuring and customizing the Moodle learning management platform;
  • creation of appropriate interfaces that are consistent with the visual appearance of the corporate portal;
  • design of the document flow that underlies the flow of learning material;
  • integration of data upstream and/or downstream of the training –– with external applications already in use by the organization.