Intranet & Social Collaboration

Models and technologies to optimize knowledge sharing and collaboration within your organization

The technologies and new forms of interaction that have emerged under the label of "Web 2.0"– born and matured in the consumer world - are proving themselves as tools that make it possible for organizations to work and communicate more effectively.

The intranet portal thus abandons its traditional informative, "top-down" dimension in order to become an environment of collaboration and knowledge exchange: a virtual workplace that can support daily operations and create added value for the company.

Intranet 2.0

The penetration of social sharing and collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis and micro blogging within companies can have an extraordinary impact, bringing innovation both in terms of organization––such as promoting emerging forms of collaboration and informal exchanges––and in terms of disseminating knowledge and growth of the corporate culture.

Strengthening operations

A company´s core applications should be just a click away and intranet portal users should be presented with a consistent interface that delivers institutional information and content with a consistent interface: application integration and portal technologies allow you to create a virtual work environment tailored to the respective profile, role and operational needs of the user.

Integrated tools

The intranet, considered as a tool in support of your business, should be able to grow and adapt to needs that arise over time: a portal infrastructure makes it relatively easy to provide new services and functionality alongside a company´s existing/legacy code and applications.

A virtual, mobile environment

The integration of documents, multimedia content, applications and collaborative tools into a homogeneous, billable environment that can be used on portable devices, allows you to create a truly mobile office, facilitating the exchange of information and nullifying physical distances.

Our solution

Ariadne's expertise in the intranet field dates back to the late nineties, with our collaboration on the portal of the former Telecom Italia Lab, and has been enriched over the years with participation in numerous projects of all sizes in an extremely diverse range of industries.

In recent years, we have found the Liferay Portal platform to be ideal for such projects, often integrated with document management tools (Alfresco), business collaboration tools (Zimbra), or other products from the open-source universe.

Our principal services include the following:

  • interface design and development of the solution´s front-end components;
  • development of custom application components or integration of external applications;
  • integration with the company´s existing information systems –– such as legacy software or user/identity management systems.