The Open Source Enterprise Portal Solution

Liferay, the undisputed leader among open source portal and collaboration software, is a proven solution for the portal requirements of medium-size enterprises and large organizations, and is the most effective and feasible alternative to commercial business suites.

Liferay´s extensive out-of-box functionality –– capable of covering most web content management and collaboration needs –– and its open and flexible architecture, designed to expand according to the needs of the business, mean that Liferay Portal is an almost unique convergence of technological innovation and usability.

Reduced costs, increased ROI

Compared with similar, proprietary solutions, Liferay does not require specific infrastructure investments: indeed, it saves licensing costs and – thanks to dedicated development tools and a wealth of available features – keeps the costs of maintenance and adapting the system to evolving needs to a minimum.

Simplified data connectivity

Developed in a coherent fashion –– compared to the open-source standards for portals –– and built around a service-oriented architecture (SOA), Liferay simplifies data integration with software components in use by the company.

Functionally completeness

Liferay offers everything that is needed in order to create and maintain a full intranet or internet project, and to support the work of employees: all Web Content Management & Publishing functions can be interlinked – via Liferay Social Office Sync – with collaborative social tools and a syncing system that is able to access data on the go.

Ariadne, a Liferay Gold Partner, offers comprehensive advice in all stages of design, development and maintenance of projects developed with the Liferay Portal, competently bringing end users and system integrators together.

Ariadne´s competences with the platform date back to 2007 and have been growing over more than 8 years of collaboration with major clients in the public and private sectors through experience in the various stages of the life cycle of Liferay-based projects.

Our services include the following:

  • installation, set-up and system configuration;
  • infrastructure design;
  • graphic and layout design;
  • creation of portlets and other applications, either as extensions or plugins;
  • integration with external systems;
  • outsourcing of systems.